You can help make a difference in the life of a person who can’t speak for themselves or defend their rights. Resurrect Life invites you to join us and the many others who believe slavery must end. We welcome your ideas on how to help. Here are a few ways you can take immediate action. Thank you for your generous donation.


  1. Pray. The power of prayer is everything and your heart will lead you to specific prayers. Pray for the demand of this crime to stop. Where there is no demand, there is no supply.
  2. Volunteer. There are many agencies who need help. Let us help connect you in your area of interest where your time and talent are best utilized.
  3. Give financially. 100% of your donation will meet a need. Resurrect Life invites you to join us in specific campaigns that are proving to make a difference in someone’s life and giving them a 2nd chance to freedom. These campaigns are critical and directly play a role in the justice of a person’s human rights. Please note which campaign you would like your donation applied.

Campaign I – Transportation Program (Greatest Need)

  • Transportation is vital for survivors and people who fall risk to human trafficking. For $10, your donation can help a survivor receive the care they need and help a person at risk escape the clutches of human slavery. There are great demands for transportation.

Campaign II – Prevention and Rescue Program

  • This is a covert solution designed for the first responders, clinicians, and other individuals who work with at risk people. For less than two dollars, your donation will aide in the rescue a person or prevent them from falling into a trafficking situation.

Campaign II – Education & Awareness

  • 1 out of 3 Texans are at risk of being trafficked. Education and Awareness is the #1 defense and this campaign directly changes that 1 out of 3 statistic. Help be a voice for the voiceless. Learn how to speak out when something doesn’t seem right. You can take responsibility to be aware and help your circles of family and friends be safe.

Campaign IV – Support the Gift of Love

  • True love is the greatest power. Together, we extend love and support to the rescued survivor through the gift of a lovie. These plush lamb toys are designed to be a comfort for the rescued.


Resurrect Life is committed to ending the horrific acts of human trafficking.


Together with your support, we collaborate with alliance partners on the best practices for restoring the rescued victims; provide each rescued child a plush lamb to call their own; as well as study the cause and effects of human trafficking to develop prevention and eradication initiatives.

Religion, ethnicity, race, gender or sexual orientation will not influence our focus. While we have a pulse on trafficking around the globe, our services are primarily focused in the U.S., with a particular concentration in Texas, which has unfortunately become a hot spot for this activity.

All donations support our work and are 100% tax deductible. Resurrect Life, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our organization is governed by an independent board of directors committed to guiding us in excellence and stewarding the resources that you entrust to us. ​We accept one time donations as well as regular monthly gifts which are vital as they help us confidently plan ahead and contribute to long-term sustainability and growth.


On behalf of Resurrect Life, Inc., thank you for your donation, support, and partnership.

Together we can end human trafficking.
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